Spacechem has latest Auto CNC Steel Plate Cutting, Assembly, Robotic Submerge Arc Welding, Flange Straightening, Grinding, Die-penetration, Blasting, Painting, Testing and Quality Control for fabrication of Beams, Boxes for Bridges and heavy structures from prime quality steel plates. The separate automatic welding lines are specially designed for Beams and Boxes. Welding of bolts on fabricated beams and girders are also done by Automatic Stud Welding Machine.

Spacechem manufacture large sizes of heavy H-beams, Boxes and Steel Girder with imported automatic Fabrication and Assembly Lines comprising of CNC Plate Cutting Machine, Assembly Machine, Submerged Arc Welding, Straightening and Face Milling Machine followed by CNC Drilling, Blasting, Metalizing and Airless Painting.

Spacechem have a production capacity of 1,000 tons per month of Plate Fabricated Beams, Boxes and Girders, which are used extensively in construction of power plants, bridges, refineries, airports, flyovers, metro rail projects, steel plants, industrial structures, multi-storied buildings, shopping malls and stadiums.

Range of Plate Fabricated Auto-welded Cost-effective H-Beams and Boxes are:

(A) H-Beam Size Range
Height 200 – 2000 mm
Web Thickness 8 – 60 mm
Flange Width 200 – 1000 mm
Flange Thickness 8 – 80 mm
Length 4000 – 14000 mm
(B) Welded Box
W x H 300 – 1200 x 300 – 1200 mm
Length 15000 mm
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